D'BanjThe much talked about De King's Men (DKM) concert was finally held last night in Lagos but it didn't go without the main organiser of the show, D'Banj, getting a bowl full of shame at his own event.

Or what can best explain the big embarrassment and lesson well dished out to the self-confessed former fraudster turned singer, D'banj that not all women are wayward like he may have always thought in his mind.

Thinking in his mind that because most ladies screamed at the sight of him while he jumped down the stage to where the guests were seated, D'Banj approached an unidentified lady and thought she would melt at his 'cheap' request of 'come and dance with the Eja Nla', another name he is called.

But the Kokomaster got one of the worst insults of his life when the lady shocked him and politely turned down his request. Not believing his eyes, D'banj pressed on until he was forced to drag the said lady to the stage for a forceful dance.

At this time, a man walked up to D'Banj and told him that the lady is his wife and cannot dance with him on stage. This inflicted serious injury on the singer's ego who was forced to let go of the lady, who later left the show with her 'lover'.

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