Yemi SoladeTop bilingual Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade, who was one of the students of the literature icon and Nobel Prize winner, Wole Soyinka, spoke with KAYODE APONMADE on failed marriages and other topical issues


Before you got married to your current wife, you’ve already experienced two failed marriages. What were the experiences like and why did you choose to get married the third time?


You see, when certain things are not meant to be, there is no amount of work you put into that will work. I was finding my bearing, I wasn’t stable. It was a lot difficult to run a home. But at the appointed time, I am speaking spiritually now, when God said, you are looking for a wife and you, you need a husband, okay, I give you this person and that was God who did it for me and that is why it is working.


When I met her, it was her beauty that attracted me to her, I like every good thing of life, my wife is beautiful, I said half caste, but I was afraid to talk to her because I don’t have that kind of money she may want, but when I summoned the courage to approach her, she shocked me with her simplicity and humility and we became friends and later got married.


A handsome man like you is presumed a ladies’ man, what were your experiences with female admirers back then in your school days and now?


Back then in school, I used to travel out of school with girls, I remember when I was in part one in the university, my father brought police to arrest a lady I was staying in her house. I started having girlfriend at the age of 13; older girls had taught me something about sex as young as I was then.


I just received a phone call on your behalf from a girl who is trying to date you. Is this what you encounter all the time and how do you manage it?


I enjoy it, you see when they call and tell me they like me I enjoy it, and I try to be civil with it because I know they like what I do and admire me, that is why they call me to tell me this. That person that calls might be somebody who may be useful in other areas, apart from sleeping with each other. I try to be calm and be civil, but when I realise this person is going too far. I will cut off the conversation


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