Julius AgwuIn every facets of life, there are categories, so it is in the ‘profession’ of begging, where there are also categories. In the ‘profession’ of begging, there is the normal ‘bambiala’ beggars, which are those who walk about with sticks saying different kinds of prayers just to get money from their ‘victims’, while there are the executive beggars, who beg with executive expertise.

Or what category would you classify the one done by popular comedian in Nigeria, Julius Agwu, who chose to get something out of top broadcaster, Bisi Olatilo of Bisi Olatilo Show (BOS) at a recent Lagos event?

It was at the second year anniversary of a popular soft-sell magazine where the veteran broadcaster initially donated N200,000 but rescinded and added more to make it half a million naira.

Shortly after Bisi Olatilo made the announcement of his N500,000 donation, the Rivers State-born comedian, who anchored the event, used his ‘power’ to ‘beg’ for his own share of Olatilo’s largesse. Like a very sharp ‘Igbo’ boy, Julius turned to Olatilo and reminded him of how he has not done anything towards his already held book lunch.

Like the ‘cheer giver’ Olatilo is, he promised to give Julius Agwu the sum of N500,000, which almost turned the comedian into something else. Who says celebs don’t ‘beg’? Well, let me also do mine here now, Julius, don’t forget my own share o.

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