Queen NwokoyeFor those who know this innocent-looking make-believe beau, she is regarded as a true role model to the young ladies of our society. There is no doubt that she has stayed scandal free, just like another actress, Chioma Chukwuka-Akpocha, in an industry that is regarded as a scandalous one.

She recently had an interview on how she felt winning the Fresh And Scandal Free Actress award of the year at the Best Of Nollywood Awards 2011. Enjoy.

How would you describe awards events being done in Nigeria?

I think awards events in Nigeria are beautiful, because we have put a lot of hard work and they are ways to recognize our hard in the industry.

Do they really reward merit?

Umm, yes, I think so.

What is your definition of fashion?

Fashion is just you; it is what makes you very comfortable and what you are comfortable in. It is what makes you feel special when you are
in the midst of people. That is what fashion means to mean.

What informs what you wear?

Umm, well, I have always grown up feeling like a princess, that has in a way, shaped my fashion sense. Like I am now, looking like a princess (she makes a slow and steady spin).

But they can’t see you (laughs)?

That is for your eyes only (laughs).

What is your favourite food?

Oh, I love breadfruit, it is my best food.


Because it is not common, and also, the time spent in making it, anything you take your time to do, always come out good.

Where is your favourite hang-out?

I rarely hang-out (laughs).

What do you do with your leisure time?

I listen to good music, and I watch movies at home. I do sometimes unwind with friends, but that is not what I do with most of my leisure time.

How does it feel winning Fresh and Scandal Free actress award at the Best of Nollywood Awards?

(Laughs) I don’t know, honestly, I even think it is even putting me into a lot of troubles, because a lot people are having high expectations from me, which I don’t like. But I feel very happy and joyful, but I hope they would continue to allow me to stay fresh and scandal free (laughs).

What was your reaction when you first heard that you were nominated in that category?

I was like what! I have never heard of it before (laughs), I thought I was hearing the wrong thing. But I just took it that way, especially when the industry has been tagged a scandal-filled industry. So, I thought that if they feel like honouring those who have managed to stay scandal free in a scandalous industry, like they try to portray us, which we are not, then I should be glad that some people feel there are still some good people in the industry.

And when you were announced the winner, what was running through your mind?

I wasn’t really expecting it, I had a lot of my friends in that category, it wasn’t like a competition to me, but honestly, I was shocked. Well, I still thank God and I feel happy.

Now that you have won this award, what are your expectations?

Well, I will continue to live my life the way I have been doing. Like I said, it has never been a big problem living the quiet life I have been living before now; I just hope the press will let me be (laughs). But I really want to thank the press for not reporting things I didn’t do. I think they actually helped me get this award. For some reasons, I think my lifestyle appeals to them. Even before I received the nomination, I started seeing it in the media (online and print), I started asking myself where it was coming from. To my expectation, I will continue to be who I am and setting good example to young ladies out there. All eyes will be on me now, if I bring out my right foot, they will write that I brought out my left one, which is now my fear (laughs). Well, we are in the world, things come, things go, whatever that comes, I will take.

Now, how will you manage it, when bad stories about you start coming?

I will not do anything because obviously, it comes with the job. Now I know it might come. But oh God, help me, I know when that bridge comes, I am going to cross it. But I will still live my normal life, unless they are going to start making up stories about me, but if that doesn’t happen, I don’t think I always live a clean, plain and quiet life. If they write anything thing negative about me, just know that it is false or just writing script about me (laughs).

What is the secret being you being a scandal free actress?

Honestly, I don’t know, sometimes, I think it is because of my upbringing, maybe the way I am. I don’t just know, I just leave my life. I grew up as with a vice principal as my mother, you know what being in that kind of house would do to you. My grandparents were village headmasters. Maybe along the line, I took one or two things from the. All in all, I have always lived a normal life, even while in school.

What is that thing you can never be caught with?

Hmm, to a great extent, lying, I don’t like telling lies. I don’t think I can ever be caught lying. I always believe that when you say the truth, in 10 years time, you don’t have to think before saying what you said 10 years ago, when asked same thing again. My mum used to tell me then that, “it is better for you to be anything else other than a liar, because a liar can do anything.” She made us to believe that we won’t get punished for saying the truth, instead, we would get corrected if we did something the wrong way. So, I grew up with that. .

Any words to your fans?

My fans, I have the best fans in the whole world, I am telling you the truth. I love them, and everything I have ever done and achieved is for them. I want to say thank you to all of them. Thank you for standing by me through rough times. I want to tell them that I truly love them with all my heart. This award Fresh and Scandal Free Actress is dedicated to them.


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