Comedian cum actor, Chinwetalu AguVeteran actor who came to prominence in the soap, Ripples, though, had been on before the popular soap, however, he became a relatively known face when he featured in the soap. The comedian cum actor, Chinwetalu, in an interview recently demeaned top government officials who often enjoyed life to the fullest with ‘chics’.

While trying to support his industry on s*xu*l harassment as a general phenomenon and not just limited to Nolluywood alone, he said

“what I see happening has to do with nature, not just Nollywood.

For instance, if you are passing along the road, and see an attractive lady, will you not turn to have a second glance? Everybody likes beautiful things. Men particularly appreciate beautiful women, and our Nollywood ladies are well endowed. It isn’t limited to Nollywood. It is a man-woman thing.

What do you call government officials who organise girls, populary called weekend chics just for fun? They spend the money as if it is of no value again and when some of them can’t sleep with these girls because of their old age, they just sit down in their hotel rooms and permit these ladies to cat walk or dance (without CLT) before them.

These ladies are well paid to admire their n*di*y. So, all these are normal in our society not just Nollywood because people watch them act these roles in their movies and address them the same way. It is not peculiar to Nollywood. I repeat, it has to do with nature.”

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