8When elders of Yoruba put up the adage that what a someone does in the closet of his house will unconsciously be replicated outside, they knew what they were saying. That is for that. Also, for Yoruba movie producers to have decided to stereotyped Soji Taiwo popularly known as ‘Ose Omo Banke’ for ‘bad boy’, street urchin, ‘agbero’ and ‘tout’ roles, they must have seen these traits in him. True to it, they have not been proven wrong.

On Sunday, October 14, 2012, the Yoruba ‘bad boy’ actor, Soji, showed why he can take over Oshodi garage park from MC Oluomo when he engaged in a fight with a guest at the Liz Da Silva’s Ankara Party held at White House, Ikeja, Lagos.

According to what an eyewitness account, Soji, who recently got married to his Canada-based wife, Khadijat, allegedly push an unidentified guy at the party at his chest and told him (the unidentified guy) that he is just too pompous. He then landed him with ‘hot’ slaps on his face in the presence of the guy’s wife. The unidentified guy, as an eyewitness told Nollywood.codewit.com, is a tyre dealer in Lagos Island and was taken aback at what befell on him.

The eyewitness told Nollywood.codewit.comthat the tyre dealer is not a friend to Soji but wondered why the actor first came to him to physically assault him. This act by Soji then resulted into the guy’s wife locking Soji up in his shirt and also told Soji to beat her along since he (Soji) had assaulted her husband. This scene between Soji and the guy’s wife then attracted the guy’s friend fighting Soji.

It took efforts from Soji’s friends and associates to take him away from the fight scene but he (Soji) later came back to brag of dealing the guy’s friends if they make any noise again.

One of the embittered friends of the assaulted guy broke a ‘Red Label’ bottle and threatened to stab Soji if he makes any attempt to come closer to them again. Soji, who may have taken the threat seriously, stylishly left the scene but not after he was pushed away from the scene by his friends.

The angry friends of the assaulted guy later went out of the party and threatened to beat up Soji if he dares steps on the their territories which we learnt covers from Fadeyi to Lagos Island.

Nollywood.codewit.com spotted Soji at Iya Rainbow’s 70th birthday held at LTV 8, Ikeja, Lagos on Sunday, October 21, 2012, but he didn’t cause any fracas there.


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