Star actor Segun Arinze is in at the centre of a growing controversy.

The outgoing president of the AGN, is accused of being the father of a 10 years old girl (he does not associate with).

We learnt the alleged love child is a product of one night stand.

Amara Obiefuna, young lady said to be in her late twenties claimed Segun Arinze is the father of her child.

According to Enquirer; Segun had been invited to a movie location in Enugu where Amara lives with her parents. Like every normal human being, Segun we gathered had been so randy on this fateful day and had seen the young lady who was an undergraduate of the University of Calabar in Nigeria. And before you could say Jack Robinson, the actor had swept the young lady off her feet and the wrestling bout that ensued on that day is the product of the innocent little girl who has been denied fatherly love and care.

Further findings revealed that the alleged love child is Segun’s carbon copy but he has refused to be financially or emotionally committed to her upkeep.

Amara was quoted to have said; “he`s a very mean person, he switched off the phone he gave me after our first meeting and I`ve also met him where we discussed the issue of the pregnancy.”

We shall keep you posted as events unfold.


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