vaSensational actress and self-taught artist, Vanessa Nzediegwu is surely living her dreams in the world of colours. This is evident in the modest achievements she has recorded so far in this genre of art .

Although, she still acts and has a couple of new movies in the offing, the gifted actress is steadily investing her time and energy in her new-found vocation- painting.

While she is preparing for the third edition of her annual art exhibition which she orgainses under the aegis of her Extremely Talented Artistes(ETA) group, the Delta State born actress spoke to BENJAMIN NJOKU about her foray into the world of entertainment and her love life

Dumping acting for painting

I never dumped acting for painting. I’m still acting but at the moment, I’m more involved in the directing aspect of the business. In fact, I’m now a director, a producer and at the same time an actress.

My last movies

I did my last movie a year ago, but it hit the screen this year. That keeps me in business.

Taking a break from acting

Yes, I went to the New York film Academy in Hollywood, California to update my knowledge in the art of film making. I also went to the Academy to mix up and interact with other aspiring film makers across the world.

While I was in the Academy , I studied film making and directing . But in a couple of weeks from now, I will be going back to the Academy to train in the area of acting properly. Initially, I trained in editing , directing and script writing and a little bit of acting.

My experience

It was excellent. I said to myself, now that I am in Hollywood, I needed to see those film tricks that makes Hollywood films outstanding, and how I can bring such experience back home to help improve the quality of our local productions.

Sponsors for my trip

The first time I went to the Academy, I had sponsors. So, it was easy for me to focus on my studies. People from the art and the movie world jointly assisted me to make my dream come true.

Aside painting and acting

I am a model and I used to be a presenter. I’m into anything that has to do with entertainment.

What my fans should expect

Vanessa Nzediegwu…I have been heartbroken for once.

I’m working on my short film which I did while in Hollywood. Since I returned to the country last year, I have been writing scripts because I will like to produce my own film. Hopefully, I will soon produce short films for film festivals.

Between Hollywood and Nollywood

In terms of techniques and quality production, we need to improve especially with the movement of the cameras. Our Directors of Photography(DP) need to understand what it means to be a DP, and not just a camera man. They need to understand that you don’t just sit down there and call the shots. There is a medium shot and there is a long shot , the directors need to understand the reasons for such actions.

Playing nude scene

Nude! I think one of the reasons I decided to go into directing is because, for instance in Hollywood, there are several ways in which a nude scene can be portrayed without one actually going nude on set. It will look real on screen, yet it is not real. That technique has not been achieved in this part of the world. When we want to play nude here, we tend to make it real which is not enticing to the eyes.

If you are talking about the creative part of playing nude scene, yes, I will do it, where I don’t have to show my boobs and other sensitive parts of my body.

I can act nude as long as I am able to interpret my role to send a message to my audience. And if I must play it, the technical crew must be professional about it otherwise , I won’t accept the offer .

In addition to this, I will choose my own director who will promise to do justice to the nude scene. Here, we don’t play the nude scene in the right way. That, I wouldn’t do.

Finding time to fall in love

Yes, for my kind of person, I’d fall in love with my friend.

Last time I was in love

If you are asking me whether I am dating somebody at the moment, yes. I am in love. At my age, I shouldn’t be involved in a relationship that is based only on love. I should rather be involved in a relationship that I’m looking at the future. In fact, in everything I’m doing presently, I’m looking at the future.

How my past helped to shape my present

I don’t think there is anything about me in the past that I would love to correct. Everything that happened in the past helped to make me a better person. And I’m sure, if it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. Anything that happened in my past has taken me to where I am today.

Do I believe in courtship?

For me, I can’t just go into marriage without understanding my partner very well. If courtship is getting to know someone you love, then I believe in it.

Between marriage and my lifestyle

The passion I have for my career is also the same passion I have for my marriage. I will try to make my marriage work out because for one to decide to go into marriage, it means that one is prepared to make the sacrifices. It’s a matter of what you have decided to do, and that’s why you shouldn’t marry someone because he or she is a celebrity or a money bag.

Submitting totally to my man

I’m sure any lady will answer in the affirmative. But the truth is that I will endeavour to marry my friend; someone I can relate to and discuss things with .


I have been heartbroken once. I was previously in a relationship but it didn’t work out. If it did, I would have been married by now. All the same, every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. I don’t go into a relationship because I am in love. Yes, I like people easily but I don’t fall in love easily.

Am I an extrovert?

You would have noticed I’m not an extrovert to some extent. I’m an outgoing person.

Seducing men with my eyes!

Vanessa Nzediegwu

I haven’t seduced men with my eyes. But sometimes, they say they like my eyes and I see myself as something of a pet. So, some of them feel they can carry me around.

Men pamper me

I think men like to play the boss. So, if they see someone they would pamper, it makes feel like the boss and thats okay with me because a man ought to be in charge.

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