cossyThat Cossy Ojiakor is received by her fans as a sex symbol is fast becoming a cliché. However, the actress and singer says she has other attractions apart from flaunting her natural endowments on television. She believes that the time has come to show off her voice. She spoke with AJIBADE ALABI on many issues. Excerpts:

Tell us more about the new song you are working on.

My new single has been released. I featured Ego. The song is actually about the things that happened to me in the movie industry. In the industry, we have lots of guys who have a preference for different kinds of ladies. Some guys love ladies with big hips, fair skin or ladies with big breasts and all that.

It was unfortunate that one of the directors liked my figure to the point that his wife got very upset about it. Even without the man saying a word to me, the wife saw me on set and gave me a slap, which I received in good faith and did not try to fight back.When someone is more powerful than you are, you don’t fight, you run. Talking about it is the only way of fighting back.

Was she bigger than you?


So you are singing to fight back?

Yes, but it is not just about her. Like I said earlier, I have been through a lot in the movie industry; I am using the song to tell my story. There was a movie I acted a long time ago, with a dog, but was fully clothed. All of a sudden, in 2009, it was in the tabloids that ‘Cossy slept with a dog’.

They took clips of a movie I had acted years ago and said it was a recent thing. It is sad how people can run you down. When people can’t be like you or wish to be like you, they would just hate you.

Are you saying it is goodbye to acting?

No; not really. I have been busy doing other things. I’m not even that free yet to shoot a movie. Right now, I’m doing music. I am supervising some work so I’m not looking for any acting role now but by next year, all the distractions would be over and I can focus on acting again.
There are a lot of female musicians out there.

Do you think you can compete favourably?

I’m not competing with anyone. I ventured into music because I felt like doing it. There are messages for me to pass across.

So, you are through with dancing?


Yes, you became popular with dancing for Fuji musicians…

I’m a happy person. I just do things because I want to do them. I enjoyed dancing then, I can’t dance anymore so I can’t even be in anybody’s video unless I’m featured.

What if you are given a well-paid role? Will you take it?

I have not actually been getting roles. When I got into the industry, I brought in some kind of revolution. Prior to that time, when people hug in movies, they usually avoid locking chests, but I am used to watching foreign movies, and I see the way they do it.

When people saw me act, they felt I was raw. I also did not have anyone managing me then; there was no one to guide me.

Many of the actresses you started with are now producing their own movies. Are you planning to do that too?

I had some money to do that, but I asked myself, ‘what if I do a movie and they end up banning it just like my other movies were banned?. I went to the Censor’s board to find out if it was my person or my movies that was banned.

They said they could not ban an individual but, the movies. The movies were not even so bad. One of it was a story about a young girl having fun. So the movies would have been a waste if I had invested in them.

So, your fans are not going to see your breasts on television anymore?

I’m always covered up now. Back then, I didn’t really have someone to dress me up. I’m a size 10 and my breasts are like size 14, so it was difficult getting the right outfits.

Besides, many people think that when they see me outside the movies, they would see me half-n*de. The only time you can see me dress sexy, is on set, in the club or when I go on a special outing.

Some people say you are not a Nigerian and that you only bear an Igbo surname?

I am from Anambra State.

Are you into any relationship at the moment?

With the experiences I have had in the past, I tend to keep to myself often. If someone already has an opinion, why do you want to keep convincing the person when there are a thousand and one people out there that you are yet to make happy? I’m happy.

I’m surrounded by people who love me. I actually just broke up with a guy. He promised to buy me a Range Rover on October 15, and when the date got closer, he started acting cold feet. So I let him go.

Are you saying marriage is not in your plans now?

I’m not emotionally ready for marriage now. Once you are married, you no longer have all the freedom you are used to. Definitely men would cheat, so you need to be emotionally ready to handle that.

Dating a man and being married to him are two different things. And I’m the kind of person, who can really ignore someone I’m upset with which would be impossible if you are married to him. So when I can take care of those things and handle living with someone, then I would be ready to get married.

What if you meet a man that sweeps you off your feet?

It depends. When I see someone I like, I would know.

What kind of man can satisfy you?

For a man to handle an artiste that everyone is all over, he must have confidence. And for a man to be able to handle a celebrity, he must be very rich and very confident too.

If you are not rich and a guy is out there looking at your wife and willing to offer her things that you cannot afford, you would not be bold to handle the situation, if you’re wealthy, nothing would shake you.


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