16Nollywood actress – Stephanie Okereke-Linus has also openly condemned the killing of four undergraduate students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) by indigenes of Aluu community. Read her statement below;

I have been in shock since the news broke about the four young students slaughtered like chickens in a community called Aluu.

At what point did we lose compassion for our fellow human beings? Death is assured for every life eventually, but no one deserves to die like those young men died – no one! Death dishonoured them. Even in justice there should be civility and modesty. That is why we are humans, and not beasts grovelling in the jungle. That is why we are made in God’s likeness so that we can be like Him – kind, merciful and fair.

Ugonna, Lloyd, Tekana, Chidiaka were young men with dreams and aspirations; Lloyd was already on his way to becoming a rap artiste; who knows what else these men had dreamed up for their future? But with many swipes from heavy metals and planks their dreams were slayed. It is the most gruesome act I have ever seen and I am afraid how this action reveals the true state and sentiments of many Nigerians.

Why do we permit jungle justice? Do we feel helpless with the system thus take justice into our own hands? What are our fears? What would ever justify the actions of a community that stole the lives of students who lived amongst them – lives that only God can give?

We may never know the truth of what really led to the killings at Aluu – that truth died with the four of them. All we can ask is for justice.That is the only way the tears of the mothers of these young lives may dry. It is the only way we all can feel safe because no matter the situation, lives should not be snatched so brutally. This is a society with laws.

As we seek for what is right, let death not procure more deaths. We do not need to burn down Aluu community. We do not need to shed more blood. Not every child, mother and father in the community killed or endorsed the killing of the young men. They too deserve to be protected from the brutality that has ensued from all of this.

Life is a beautiful thing; do not steal another’s opportunity to experience it.

May their deaths not be in vain.

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