11The city of Abuja was recently agog as top notched-filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan and sexy actress, Stella Damasus partnered to organise a gospel show tagged ‘The Alternative’ through Index Two Studios, an outfit co-owned by the two Nollywood icons.

The concert was held at the Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotel and was well attended by many. It was not just a day youths worshipped together; some of them were also rewarded with cash gifts and scholarship by the organisers.

During the event, Daniel and Stella in turns, dazzled the audience with live musical performances with a band named ‘One Heart, One Sound’.

Popular television presenter, Denrele Edun and Lamboginny were guests at the event. While the former shared an emotional testimony with the audience, the latter thrilled with hit songs from his album.

Shortly after the show, the duo spoke about the event. Enjoy it:


A lot of people were surprised to see you organize a gospel music concert. What was the inspiration?

I have always been a church guy, not the regular church guy though, I have been crazy for Jesus Christ long time ago. It is just that because of my profession, people always say how can a man who make films where people kiss claim to be a staunch Christian.

I was born in a gospel church, nurtured in the way of God. My mother is a heavy prayer warrior. People who know me very well know that this is who Daniel is; doing church stuffs like this. So by calling, I have music (gospel) in me, but as a profession, I’m a filmmaker.

So people can be surprised, but those who have known me for the past 20years cannot be surprised that I’m doing this.

You obviously spent millions of naira on this project and yet the gate fee is free. Is there any political reason for that?

How can we worship God for political reasons? The truth is; I always say that whatever I have, God has given it to me for a particular purpose; that is how I have always lived my life.

I am not someone that is very crazy about money. God instructed me to this and that is it. I’m not trying to form or front for somebody in politics. I still do my films and my clothing line is doing well too, so there is nothing wrong if I decide to give back this way. Is it going to be an annual event from now? Hopefully. One Heart, One Sound is a group that has come to stay, so this is not going to be a one-off thing.

Even if we can do it twice in a year, we would be glad. And I thank God for my partner, Stella Damasus, we own Index Two Studios together and she is a singer in my group. One Heart, One Sound is mine, but it is under Index Two Studios. She also has the spirit of God in her and has been quite supportive.


What is the concept behind ‘The Alternative Concert’?

It is a Daniel Ademinokan’s idea because he owns the group, but when he told me about it, it became a welcome idea because I have been singing for a while and I felt like someone that didn’t have a sense of direction when it comes to the music that I wanted to do.

My heart tells me to be part of it. I wanted to work for God but have not been bold enough to come out and say it. So we came together, gathered young people and auditioned them for the band.

We decided to invite other wonderful youths like Denrele and Lamboginny because we don’t want the concert to be the like conventional gospel ones where people who can’t speak in tongues would be seen as unholy people.

What we did was not the regular gospel show. This is because young people came for the show and they needed to people they can relate with. At the end of the day, we didn’t expect the number of crowd that came. Everybody felt God’s presence at the concert.


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