ksb2KSB BRINGS TO TOWN KSB FOODIES …names menu after entertainers

Popular gospel artiste Kenny Saint Brown (KSB) has added a new feather to her cap and has shown that creativity has no limits as she brings to town KSB Foodies. The Kennis Music act has decided to name the food after heavy weight in the entertainment industry. The initiative, which is a first of its kind in this part of the world, is a food-order only venture.

According to a release from the singer’s rep, KSB Foodies is an eclectic collection of local cuisines that promise to excite the taste buds of the callers at the eatery. KSB went ahead of the game in bringing this innovation to the food business as the main concentration of this eatery is on the sauce and how well it can be packaged to tickle the consumers’ fancy.

The sauces served have been named after several industry people like Don Jazzy, Kenny Ogungbe, Dayo Adeneye, Genevieve Nnaji, JJ Okocha, Funke Akindele, Shina Peters, Tuface, Obesere, P Square, Charlie Boy, Goldie and a host of others featuring on the menu list.

Don Jazzy mixed grill (spicy fried stew deluxe) features very spicy chilli pepper, tomatoes and onions sauce with some oriental spices, jazzed up with locust beans for an unforgettable flavour and pep. It comes with ponmo and assorted meats. It is named after the popular African producer “DON JAZZY” who is known for churning out delightful and unforgettable hits songs for variety of Artists, leaving music lovers longing for more. Don Jazzy stew deluxe is recommended to be served with ‘P-Square Yam-Eggs’.

Oniru Fiesta (white soup with three horns) was inspired by the iconic legacy of Oniru beach as a rallying point for entertainment on the ocean front in Nigeria, the ONIRU FIESTA is a sauce made from a sweetly blended tomatoes, pepper & onions with a celebration of very tenderized Ox-tail, succulent Ox-tongue and Cowleg.

Genevieve Diva (captivating smoked stew) was inspired by one of Africa’s most glamorous and beloved actresses, this exquisite sauce is a mouth-captivating combination of well-seasoned smoked season, marinated in delicately spiced, juicy onions, full flavoured tomatoes and big peppers. The awe inspiring flavour of this special sauce has made it a favourite of adoring fans of good food just like the superstar who inspired it has held movie fans spellbound for years.

Keke’s Delight (vegetable soup fit for royalty) is a luxuriously prepared Authentic African soup with green veggies, okro, and yellow/red round pepper .This sumptuous sauce is enriched with nine lives: Snails, bush meat, stock-fish, dryfish, dry prawns, Cray fish and other assortment of meals with ponmo. Keke’s Delight is the pride of African cuisine and food fit for royalty just like its inspiration is a royalty in entertainment circles. This sauce translates the personality of Nigeria’s showbiz Royalty impresario, MR KEKE OGUNGBE into a palatable culinary experience.

JJ Okocha (egusi soup with palatable dribbles) A very tantalizing fried ‘Egusi’ soup, accompanied with great veggies and aromatic herbs topped with smoked fish, dried prawns with sift and tender stock fish, and other assorted meats. The herbs set the aroma and sweetness perfectly for the soup to take on and dribble all kinds of swallows from Ogbono, Eba, Amala all the way to your stomach.  Of course the culinary ability of this soup to take on all sorts of swallows is a special appreciation of the sensational personality and skills of Arica’s best dribbler “JayJay Okocha”.

Jenifa (cross-over gbegiri soup) Inspired by the crossover appeal of Funke ‘JENIFA’ Akindele who has been able to endear herself to all levels and classes of people with enchanting acting skills, JENIFA GBEGIRI SOUP is a highly nutritious soup made from soft and juicy local beans glammed up with smoked fish and assorted meats. It combines nutritious local delicacy with an urban twist. It is best served with Amala Obesere.

Shinamania (okro soup that bubbles) is a delightfully sumptuous Okro soup that embraces the eternal love affair between Okro soup and Solid foods prevalent in indigenous cuisines.  It is a hot, spicy meat/fish deluxe bursting with locust beans flavor (IRU) and goes perfectly with Charly Boy Fufu, DI Eba or Obesere Amala. This soup is inspired by one of evergreen musicians, Sir Shina Peters, SSP, who continues to infuse the best of African traditional music with a modern touch and presentation.

Ali Baba (ogbono soup that puts a smile to your face) A super flavoured, well-endowed ogbono soup carefully prepared with smoked dried fish, snails perrywinkle, ponmo, stock fish head, garnished with bitter leaves for a sweet lingering experience in your throat long after its gone into the stomach. This dish that never fails to put a smile on the face is inspired by the legendary comedian, Ali Baba, who never fails to bring a smile to your face anytime you recall one of his jokes.

Tuface (rice and beans orchestra) Rumoured to be the favorite food of the megastar musician, Tuface, before major performances, this indulgent meal of rice and beans cooked together is a proprietary specialty of KSB Foodies for lovers of rice and beans. It is recommended to be served with Don Jazzy Stew for an unforgettable experience.

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