Star actress Genevieve Nnaji became known on the screens when she was only 8 years old, yet today, at just 33, she is an icon. Not just famous, she is known for her very high fashion sense.

Aside her daughter who she loves so very dearly, Genevieve loves handbags.

Does she know how many handbags she has? I have lost count, she revealed in a recent interview.

How much is the most expensive bag she owns?

“I will not tell you that. But I can tell you the cheapest, which is the one I got from Zara.

There are other cheap ones I have that are unique. I just love handbags”

Diamonds and handbags are her favorite fashion accessories. With her love for luxury stuff, Genevieve certainly fits the bill, and this is why she is probably ever looking glamorous and sophisticated. Is it? Does obsession for luxury equate to glamour and sophistication?


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