4In 2008, veteran actress, Bukky Ajayi alleged through an interview that Nollywood producer, Sunny Collins and Afam Okereke filmmaker, Sunny Colins were owing her some money. The said money was the balance of her movie appearance fee worth about 120,000 naira which Sunny Collins had contracted Afam to direct for him. Four years after, Nollywood.codewit.com took time and pain to revisit the case and know what became of the allegation.

Few weeks ago, we reached out to the three parties involved in the case; Bukky Ajayi, Afam Okereke and Sunny Collins, to know what has become of the allegation made by the iconic actress.

Speaking with Nollywood.codewit.com when contacted on phone, Bukky Ajayi confirmed to us that she had long ago received her money through a bank payment from Sunny Collins. Afam, who was the director of the movie ‘Fine Thing’ which was the film being shot when the incident occurred.

On the part of Sunny Collins, he said he had paid the money and has no problem with Bukky even though she went out of her way to run to the media when the movie icon (Bukky) knew him too well as a man that does not own artistes. He revealed this to Nigeriafilms.com when he was contacted on phone. He informed us that Bukky had worked with him on over three films before the 2008 incident.

Sunny then told Nollywood.codewit.com that he has nothing against her as he (Sunny) still sees Bukky as his mother even though he was surprised about the way Bukky handled the issue.

When Nollywood.codewit.com contacted Afam Okereke on phone over the issue, he said that though it surprised him that the woman he took like his mother could rush to the press to grant an interview claiming he (Afam) owed her money when it was never the case.
Afam said he was just a director that recommended the actress to Sunny but felt bad with the way things later turned out for him.

The talented movie director said he has nothing against Bukky, as he has moved on in life with better things. Afam revealed to us that he has since forgotten about the issue because those who know him too well know that he does not owe his artistes.

Disclosing to Nollywood.codewit.com what actually happened, Sunny Collins said when after he made the first payment available to the artistes, he travelled out of Nigeria for an impromptu reason, which delayed the release of money to Afam who was the director of the movie ‘Fine thing’ being shot at that time.

He (Sunny) told us that this was explained to all the artistes by Afam and the artistes agreed to continue with their work on the movie set. He then said it surprised him when the talented actress later granted an interview claiming he and Afam were owing her.

Sunny later disclosed to us that why he didn’t bother himself about it was because people know him in the industry as someone that doesn’t owe anybody. He said most A-list and others, who have worked with him, can testify to that fact.


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