13For those close to top Ghanaian actor and current AMAA best actor, Michel Majid, his arrogance to some of his friends, fans and the media is nothing to write home about. That is even a matter for another day.

One thing that cannot also been taken away from this handsome, half-cast and tall actor is his love for anything under skirt. Though he is happily married with kids; Keira and Zara, but Majid still reportedly gets many ladies lubricate his ‘joystick’ at every given opportunities.

This may have brought about his encounter with a South Africa-based entertainer who was in Ghana in December 2009 for a shopping spree. As our source told us, this lady (name withheld but we would address as Lady K), is aged 25 and her name starts with letter K and ends with letter Z. She sings at some fun spots during weekends and owns an entertainment outfit in South Africa.

Revealing exclusively to Nollywood.codewit.com how the pair met, our source said their first meeting was in December 2009 in Accra Mall. Majid then took her to a club and then retired to Madindi Hotel in Ghana. While the two of them played their away matches on a neutral stadium, Majid thought he had an ‘Edwin Vandersar’ as his shot-stopper not knowing there was a ‘Lionel Messi’ that has already netted a goal in a very impossible angle.

“So, when Lady K called Majid to inform him of the latest development, he flared up. He later change his phone contacted. I felt for her, but there was nothing I could do to help her,” , the source informed us.

“I remembered Lady K called Majid on Friday, September 24, 2010, two days after his birthday, that she has given birth to his (Majid) child which happened to be a girl. It was a mixed feelings but there was nothing he could do but to tell the lady that he was not part of it. He then told her to send pictures of the baby to him which she did,” our source revealed to us.

The source further told us that in August 2011, shortly before the baby, who was later Sandra, was about turning one, the mother wanted Majid to set his eyes on his daughter, but he (Majid) didn’t make it come to pass. “When Lady K wanted to come to Ghana with the child in August 2011 with the aim of Majid seeing the baby for the first, he kicked against it. He told Lady K to come to Ghana alone because Sandra was too young to fly from South Africa to Ghana.

“Lady K had no choice but to agree to him. The funniest thing was that when the lady came to Ghana, Majid told her that he was not in Ghana. As a result, he didn’t show up to meet with her when she arrived,” our source pitifully told us.

Our brief investigation on Lady K shows that she is still unmarried and has put the child under the care of a family friend. We also gathered that Majid has practically abandoned them in South Africa as he is believed not to bother about their upkeeps.

When Nigeriafilms.com contacted Majid on this story, he denied having any daughter in South Africa he is aware of. He then told us that the story is not true. Soon after, he called us back and asked if we were still going to publish the story, we told him we might publish it. But that if we publish it, his side of the story would be stated. He then said he recorded our conversation with him which we didn’t raise eyebrow on even though he did that without our permission.

Majid is happily married with two kids. Our source told us that the celebrated actor fears his wife and that he does everything possible to make sure his sex scandals don’t get to her even though he tries to cajole her on some reported ones.
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