Patience OzokworNow that your husband is late how do you handle sexual urge?

I don’t even remember sex. I have the right to remarry but I don’t want to. So, why think about it. It is when you set your mind at it that you begin to desire it. I have erased it from my mind. When I see young people in love calling themselves ‘honey’, I just ignore it and move on. I don’t even remember sex because God has made me to be very busy. I am attending one function or the other. Even if I am in a relationship with a man, the man won`t feel much of me because I am very busy. Look at some young girls who are married, they don’t give enough time to their families, how much less an old woman like me. By God`s grace I am very busy. You can’t even bring it, once you bring it I cut you off.

What about lesbianism, there’s a rumour sometime ago that you’re going out with some girls?

I heard it too but nobody has ever tried it with me. Nobody has ever asked me to do it with her, so I wouldn’t know. Where are the young girls? Let them mention their names, who are they? Did you see any one in my house? Maybe because they don’t see me with men they thought I do women, no. For the fact that I play roles to expose the evil doesn’t mean I partake in it. No, that is just acting. I am a Christian and I don’t do such things. I will never ever try it. I can never do it. If I see somebody doing it, I will confront the person, some of them will tell you that I have confronted them. I used to tell them ‘if you are doing it, desist because it will send you to hell’.

You are a grandma, do men still toast you?

Yeah! Mmmh yes.

What is your experience like, how do you handle your male admirers?

I just tell them we can just be friends. I don’t drink, I don’t take alcohol, so we just chat and that’s all. I know my friends, they don’t even go into all that. They are serious-minded. You know the kind of friends you keep will make you have the urge to have sex. When I know I don’t have the power because of my religion. I don’t have the power to sleep with any man. I don’t even think about it. When people come up with it, I order them to stop, I don’t want it. If I tell you to stop and you didn’t stop. I will just cut you off. I will not pick your calls anymore.

Do they go to the extent that they want to marry you?

When they see that you don’t want to sleep with them they would say ‘okay, let me marry you’. And then I don’t want to remarry. I have a right to stay out of marriage and I have a right to stay in marriage. It is not difficult and that is a dream too. I want to be welcome by God when I die. Some of these men maybe they have wives too and they still want to sleep with me. At my age, any person that comes to me must have had a wife or be a widower. And if you have a wife, I will cut you off because you have a wife. If you are a widower, I don’t want to remarry. Young boys like you cannot come and ask me for that.

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