It is no more news that the marriage of Uche Ogbodo, a prominent actress in Nigeria, crashed like a badly arranged pack of cards some months after it was consummated. Her marriage issues stunned many Nollywood buffs, who wondered why another marriage in Nollywood would hit the rock again just like some before her.

Over the weekend, Uche took her child to the church for dedication, but the father of the baby, Ato Ubby, was not at the event.

To some people, it was expected because her union with the man that reportedly fathered the child and the actress are still having issues with each other, while others believe the man should have been present for the occasion.

However, the event still went ahead without the presence of the baby’s father as it does not disturb it.

It would be recalled that shortly after their marriage, it was reported that the actress dumped her husband when things were not rosier as she had expected.

She even denied getting married officially to the man, but the father of her husband reacted to it, claiming her bride price was already paid, which in Igboland confirms marriage.

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