Popular Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is contemplating whether to go for celebrity Big Brother Africa this year and he wants you to help him decide.

He says you should answer yes or no and tell him why you chose your answer. He’s reading, so use the comment form below to tell him your opinion.

Van Vicker has previously tried his hands on music and was reported to be working on a 12-track album, even though Van later denied reports that he was recording with another Ghanaian artiste Stay Jay of ‘Shashiwowo’ fame.

According to the source, he was recording with Lynx Entertainment and had so far recorded a number of songs. “The album will be a collection of different genres of music including Pop, Afro pop and Hip Life. He is not sure how he will call the album yet. But all will depend on the final product,” the source said.

So what do you think about the Celebrity Big Brother Africa which has an ultimate price tag of $200,000 for the winner?


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