Dear Rukky Sanda,

I know you like to think you are mega fashionable, but in most event photos I’ve seen of you, your style comes across as forced

Case in point this crop top/colour blocking/pastel combo you rocked last week to Genevieve Nnaji‘s 33rd birthday party in Lagos. I know crop tops are on trend now and while we’ve seen them on everyone from Britney Spears (who made them her trademark look in the early 00s) to Rihanna who gives them an edgy modern twist, this trend is certainly not for everyone. You see Rukky this midriff baring trend can be very unforgiving, and if you owned a mirror or had nice friends you would know this.

Rukky the thing about wearing a tight crop top (such as the one you are sporting here) is you run the risk of the dreaded muffin top…which is exactly what we can see occurring in your midsection…Not a good look. Next time Miss Sanda choose a loose fitting crop top, they are way more flattering and more forgiving. Or rock it with a high waisted skirt or pants.

Fashion should flatter not detract and this detracts from your overall look.

Oh and seeing as I’m in a generous mood I’ll throw in some more fashion advise just for free, less is more you have way too much going on here it is giving me a damn migraine. Stick to one trend next time abeg, you can’t mix pastels, with animal print, with gaudy jewellery and BIG hair. Madam it is too much.


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