9The emergence of fiberisima Ibinabo as first female president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, to Nollywood’s A-list actress, Genevieve Nnaji is a gender changing moment for growth. Genevieve speaks on her contribution to the whole event and her hope that women would continue to take-over the mantle of leadership in all human endeavors.

What is your comment and contribution to the emergence of Ibinabo Fiberisima as AGN`s first female president?

I personally endorsed her and I encouraged her to contest. I am really glad that she made it.

Do you see her coming as a new era of good things to come in AGN?

I hope so and I think a lot will change. Once there is a change, just a little hole, it will create an expansion and doors would be opened. We are all hopeful, fingers crossed. This will be a good thing for the industry as a whole.

But is it African or socially right for women to take over the control of the AGN?

What is wrong with that? If that is not true but then, what is wrong with that? We are human beings; you have men, you have women.
What other optionts are there ,dogs?

What kind of support are you giving her?

I am giving her my personal support anyway she wants it and anyway I can, at least to my ability.

Has she approached you yet?

Well, she has spoken to me about one or two things; nothing conclusive yet. But yea, they are things I am not going to shy away from.

Are you still that close to your sister and family or has money and fame taken far from her?

Yes. I am always going to the family home. That is where I left before coming to this event.


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