44Aneke Twins are the gospel sensational artistes who are wonderfully performing wonders in the entertainment industry.

The two beautiful ladies have come out to state that they would love to be married to the male set of twins too, same day.

P Square were suggested to them and they said, “If they come, we would have to pray over it. We can’t just say yes to them, except if it’s the will of God. With the level we’ve attained in Christianity, we can’t just say yes to anybody that comes seeking our hands in marriage.

Does that mean that P-Square don’t epitomize your ideal men? we inquired, Aneke Twins said “they are good on their side but we can’t just say yes like that. This is because once we are married, we are married. We would not on any grounds go out of our marriages. So that is why we are being with who we say ‘yes I do’ to.”


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