Nollywood actor Amaechi Muonagor just rounded up on the set of a new flick titled Disvirgined Virgin. A brief synopsis;

A kingdom by the name Umunabia was living in peace for years, until a time came when the king felt sick. Then, the only solution is to get a leaf by name Ochendo leaf.

Five virgin maidens where chosen for that trip. Will they succeed? Anyways, only one virgin maiden came back alive.

Now, another chief priest from another village said the prince has been chosen by the gods. Is this really true? Can he also survive? Why didn’t the gods save the other virgin maidens?

Confusing? Well, you have to watch it to piece the puzzle together.

The movie features a mixed cast of old and new breeds in the industry and attempts to bridge the opening divide of contemporary and traditional storylines of the past.


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