It is no longer a secret that most Ghanaian actors who act in English speaking movies ‘feel big in their shoes’ when they have to work with other actors involved in Twi speaking productions.

However, actor, Van Vicker is trying to disabuse people of that perception and is currently on a movie set with award winning Twi actor, Agya. Sources indicate that the production began on Saturday and Agya Koo was having a good rapport with Van.

The working title for the movie is ‘Investor’ but it is yet to be confirmed which other actors are in starring in the movie. It is the first time both actors are working together and the movie is aid to be a comedy thriller, produced and directed by Van Vicker. It is the fourth production from his Sky Orange Production.

Van promised last year that he was going to shoot a number of movies in Ghana to debunk claims he had abandoned Ghana’s movie industry for Nigeria.

Not long after that promise, he wrapped up the shoot of a movie with the working title ‘Distance’ which featured Kofi Ajorlolo and Nadia Buari.

Indeed Van Vicker has taken his career to the next level with Sky Orange Production.


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