It was Stephanie Okereke, then came Ini Edo, and now its Uche Jombo. They each had one thing in common; matching toe to toe with others in Hollywood. In the photos below for instance, Uche Jombo is dressed in a gold shimmering dress as Kim Kardashian, an attestation the trends and how things have evolved.

But again, as with a previous article we published, let’s take a pause for a moment… Seriously, if these stars have grown in stature to create awareness and draw attention to themselves based on the brand appeal, should they not rather push an agenda of promoting African Fabric and designs, in an era when there is a clamor for jobs? Would African designs therefore not get more exposure, which consequently will create demand and the chain process trickling down to ordinary African folks, for whose staunch support for these artistes made them into such household names?

A food for thought!!!




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