7The media was inundated with news about Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo Rodriguez going to the United States of America for a corrective eye surgery some weeks ago. She was even quoted in one of the reports to have said that the eye surgery was necessary because while she was a kid, she had a problem with the eye. As a result, she was going to the US to do a surgery to further correcti the problem caused to the eye back then (“As a child, I had an accident while playing with an iron hanger as a gun and it accidentally got into my right eye. I had surgery then abroad, at the age of 9. This new surgery is more of cleaning and keeping up to date with the best eye surgery, when it was found out that it wasn’t properly done the first time, and presently the doctors are correcting it,”) This quote was what was reported that Uche said when she talked on her eye surgery news after she underwent the reported eye surgery.

But in a late turn-around, weeks after the news, Uche has openly spat fire like a dragon on the matter. The wife of Kenny Rodriguez went on twitter to show her anger while she reinstated that she is wonderfully made by God and as such, she won’t do anything to alter her face or nose.

“Dear clueless one, stop talking sh*t. If I want to do surgery, my nose and face will be the last thing I will touch because I am wonderfully made by God. Sincerely, Uche Jombo-R.”

The question is, who is fooling who?


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