90It is assumed that when a lady is not married, the possibility of keeping dates with men with fat wallets is more than 50 per cent. Especially if she is a celebrity and wants to maintain that high standard of life. If she is beautiful, that increases her number of dates more so, if none of the men in her life is ready to walk her down the aisle. At least, she would enjoy their expensive gifts, money and favour.

But this is not the case with talented and down-to-earth actress, Nse Ikpe- Etim.

The talented thespian seems to have joined long list of female celebrities that are scared of getting married because of the high rate of divorce in the showbiz industry.

In a recent interview, the beautiful and sexy actress drops bombshell. She says she’s not ready for relationship talk less of marriage.

I’m not in a relationship.

I’m not one of those that think life starts and ends at the altar. I have no plans for marriage. Is that why you were born? I was born to affect lives positively or negatively, the part I chose might include marriage and it might not. When we get that straight, we will accept everybody.

When asked, how do you deal with scandals;she said They are what they are called; scandals. And I don’t have to deal with them. A rumour is a rumour, a scandal is a scandal and it doesn’t affect me. And I don’t care about it as long as someone hasn’t died from it.
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