image5On Saturday,February 18,2012, star actor and film maker,Alhaji Olayinka Akanni Quadri,simply called Yinka Quadri was honoured with a chieftaincy title,Agbaakin of Oro Land,in his home town,Oke Ola,Oro,Irepodun local government,Kwara State.

In a recent interview,the talented thespian opens up on this good development.

First,it feels great to be honoured in my home town.Also,it’s a challenge for one to live up to expectation.One thing is that a good name comes before chieftaincy title.

My father happened to be the Asaoye of Oro kingdom,the title stands as third in command to the Oba.Then after the death of my father,another person from the family took after him.

But for the fact that the monarch really liked me and the interest he has in the whole Quadri family,he also felt the impact of the name in the town,in Nigeria as a whole,expecially in Yoruba land.He now deemed it fit to honour me with a chieftaincy title,Agbaakin of Oroland.

Although,it’s a honourary title,the traditional ruler didn’t want to categorize it as that.He decided to also put it on the same level with other chieftaincy titles.

Asked,what do you intend doing with the title;he said It’s just to develop the place for the people to know that I am from Oke Ola,Oro,Irepedun local government,Kwara State.

I am proud to be one of the illustrious sons of Oro land.It’s only when you’re into shady deals that you won’t want the people to know who you are and where you’re from.That was why I accepted the title.


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