The new entrant to movie production in Nollywood Flosmith recently took Uche Jombo to the set of his new movie RIPayment. And after the initial success, he now has set a new focus on a blockbuster movie featuring Tonto Dike, Rukky Sanda and Alex Osifo. Commenting his new foray in a recent interview, he had this to say:

What are you working on?

On location filming a new movie.

Tell us more about it?

It’s about love, passion, loyalty, and infidelity. It’s a crazy story of a cool dude who got entangled in a messy passionate love affair with his boss’ woman. The cast are: Rukky Sanda, Tonto Dikeh, Alex Osifo, Daniel Lloyd, Ik Ogbonia…etc.

Who is the Director and producer?

Directing is by me Elkar I.N(Flosmith) and Valuchi while the producer is Rukky Sanda. The location is somewhere in Lagos.

We wish you the best.

Thanks guys.


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