Tonto DikehThe fast rising actress and singer was kidnapped today in her home. The strange incident happened in the front of her gate. Eye witnesses said a black van drove and stopped right in front of Tonto Dikeh and three gun men emerged and whisked her away.

A Police near by that saw the kidnap went down, watched and took no actions but laughed. After the kidnappers drove off, they left a note on the road and the police picked it up and it reads:

“Dear Nigerians, we are doing you a huge favor, we have taken this drastic action to save the little we have in this country. We got an information that Miss Tonto is about to release a new song by march 1st titled “Jeje” and we can’t look and fold our arms. Miss Tonto would be released for five thousand Naira after march 1st”.

So far no one is willing to pay N5,000 to set Mrs Tonto Dikeh free.

This is February Fool story!

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