Call her Nollywood’s most daring actress and you won’t be fined! That’s because this light skinned vulnerable actress has carved a niche for herself with her daring roles in movies. The movie scene was sent into fury late last year when she unleashed her new antics of baring it all movies and even going as far as kissing and romancing in a very flirtatious manner.

Right now she has been tagged Nollywood’s bad actress as a result of her incessant explicit roles in movies but that has no doubt earned her more fans. However, she admits she is only being a professional actress and doesn’t see those roles as any big deal. She is obviously taking the stakes higher while the courageous ones are tagging along.

In a recent interview, the controversial actress opens up on marriage plans and other issues;

“I think irrespective of your profession you can keep a healthy relationship or marriage. Being a star does not limit the happiness you get from them, it depends on the way you carry it or handle it. But if you ask me, I would tell you, it contributes a lot to a large percentage of broken home, because you are famous, and probably the person is not famous. Maybe because she stays out late, because of her work, she travels so much, all these can actually bring strains to the marriage or relationship. Like I would always say, marriage is an institution where you have to learn, you have to sacrifice to do a lot of things. You have to come to an agreement with your partner. But all the same, you can be a celebrity and have a healthy marriage.

For now, I have no plans for marriage, I just concentrate on my work, do the best that I can do and make myself happy, along the line, that could come in, for now, it is not what I am looking forward to.

Talking about having a child early, I just see a lot of my friends these days and they have kids and the kids are almost half their heights, strolling and shopping together, it is a cute idea, but that is not a mistake, and it is just the only thing I just regret.

It doesn’t mean I am scared, not being ready is not being scared. I wish I have one (baby), so I could stroll with the baby right now.”

When asked her thoughts about the cause of breakups of Nollywood marriages, she said;

“Lack of good communication and commitment are what kills a relationship. You need good talking relationship and understanding. At the end of the day, that is one thing, good communication, if I cannot relate to you and you cannot relate with me, if I cannot pass my message to you, if I cannot tell you the reason I have to go and shoot, and if you cannot give me a good reason I cannot go and shoot, then things won’t be easy. So, I feel communication is like a rope that ties two people in a relationship.”


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