23Shortly after the delivery of her baby, Mosunmola Filani, Nollywood goddess who is married to Kayode Oduoye, politician cum businessman, had a brief chat with Alonge Michael where she spoke about the pains of delivery and the number of children she intends to have. Read on

How did you feel when you were having the baby and after her arrival?

My own case was like that of the Hebrew woman in the Bible o. There was no complications at all. I travail and brought forth …though the pain was such that you won’t wish your enemy o. Childbearing is what every woman should experience because of the indescribable joy that comes after you see your baby comes out.

How many more babies do you want to have?

I am praying to have more babies but the number depends on my husband and God!

What if the baby was a boy; how would you have felt?

Actually, I prayed to God that I want my first child to be a girl and i told my husband too that I wanted a baby girl as first born then we can have boys later because I love baby girls! I am very happy that God granted my prayers.


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