19Beans spilling from the can of The Headies (formerly Hip Hop World Awards) boss, Ayo Animashaun seems very smelly as he is in an alleged sexual harassment mess with a teenage girl.

According to a source, Ayo is accused of sexually harassing a former female staff of his while the girl was on intern with him. The source gave the name of the 19 years old ex-worker of Ayo as Ajoke.

The source narrated that Ajoke was working with Ayo’s TV section of the company, (Hip On TV) when this ugly incident happened. Soon after Ayo’s former front desk officer, who is also a lady resigned under controversial issues, Ayo drafted Ajoke to that desk pending the time he finds a replacement for the former person.

But a week later, Ajoke was sacked and her salary not paid. When the Ajoke’s mother arrived from the UK, she told her mum how Ayo allegedly made some sexual advances to her especially when they were alone.

This infuriated the mother, who then stormed her daughter’s former office to make a warning to Ayo that her daughter is not from a poor home and does not need his salaries or sexual advances to survive. She then reportedly told Ayo that he should pay Ajoke the salary owed her or get her (Ajoke’s mum) wrath.

This ‘threat’ reportedly worked as Ayo was said to have quickly paid Ajoke the unpaid salary in order to silence the case.

The source further revealed that Ayo is in the habit of sacking his staffs for unknown reasons. He was also accused of locking up a staff of his for three days simply because he (the staff) paid salary without his (Ayo’s) approval.

Nollywood.codewit.com contacted Ayo on phone to get his side of the story, but he told us to send him a text message containing the allegation he needed to respond to. This we did immediately on Friday October 5, 2012 at about 8:13pm. He didn’t reply our message. On Sunday, October 7, 2012, we sent a reminder text message to him on the same story at 9:08pm still, he didn’t respond to our messages. As at the time we published this story, Ayo has still neither replied our text message nor gotten in touch with us on the issue.


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