Those who have seen sultry Damilola Olayinka would easily take her for successful screen goddess, Stephanie Okereke. Aside having the same skin colour, both divas possess the same height and physiques, which most times make unsuspecting fans even think they are twin sisters.

Of course they are far from being twins. While Damilola, fondly called Damoche is a native of Osun State in the South Western part of Nigeria, Stephanie is from the Eastern part of the country. Surprisingly, both damsels have never met.

In recent disclosure, Damoche confirmed that she has not met Stephanie before, but wondered why most people mistaken her for the screen goddess.

“Yes, I see her on the screen every time and honestly, she is more or less my idol. Apart from the fact that we share so many things in common, I love the way she interpret her roles and the fact that she has come this far against all odds. She is someone I would really love to meet and work with,” said Damoche.

She added that “a lot of producers and directors had been offering me scripts in the past but I didn’t really accept for some personal reasons. But right now, I’m ready to give it my best. Just like my role model, Stephanie, I intend to do more challenging and unique roles. Not just to join the bandwagon.”


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