Stella DamasusWow! She was a year older yesterday. No one else but the enigma who has made a great impact in the make-believe industry called Nollywood in Nigeria and beyond, Stella Damasus. The mother of two beautiful girls, Isabel and Angelica, marked her 35th birthday Yesterday and in celebration of that happy moment; she posted an epistle about herself on her blog. She explained her good and bad times with God and humanity.

She expressed how she’s being judged by many and being celebrated by just a few. Not only that, the thespian of note called Stella touched a very sensitive issue that is affecting humanity, “The world around us has changed so much and it is so scary. People are killing young children, women, old folks; other are bombing places to kill innocent people who don’t even know them; some are kidnapping, most are rap1ng, more are killing their wives, brothers are killing brothers because of land and money, fathers are beginning to lust after their daughters, women find more comfort in their drivers than their husbands, pastors are loving the choir leaders, men prefer s3x with other men and have decided to do it openly, women just hate one another for no reason and so many other unthinkable things that make our parents shudder at just the thought of it.”

Well, Stella is now in love with a certain prophet called Ezekiel in the Bible. In her write up, she explained how she is now being guided by the principle of the prophet of God.

Stella closed her write up with, “Like I said, I am not a pastor but I am living by this principle in Ezekiel chapter 3 vs. 17 –21

God bless you all and thank you for all your birthday wishes. I love you.”

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