According to what local Nigerian Magazine National Enquirer reported, the last may not have been heard over the crack in the once upon a time chumming relationship between the award winning movie director, Daniel Ademinokan and his beautiful wife of many years, Doris Simon. Since the Enquirer broke the story of their marriage brouhaha weeks back, so many of our contemporaries followed suit, and this time, it is the sad story of the couple`s divorce plans.

Inside sources informed this office that, things seemed to have gone so bad that, any moment from now, the couple might seek legal redress for a formal separation as all efforts to reconcile them have proved abortive. According to family sources, Daniel is in custody of the only fruit of the liaison, David, a four years old boy who has relocated with his dad.

We gathered that, on her part, Doris has vowed to fight dirty and has resorted to involve Stella Damasus whom she`s alleging to be harboring her husband. A family source who will prefer anonymity confided in us that, Doris is battle ready and has promised to attack Stella Damasus anywhere she sees her.

But investigations however revealed that, Daniel and Stella are business partners and both of them are project confidants struggling on a scheme that bothers on corporate social responsibility or best put service to humanity but Doris has been telling whosever cares to listen that, Stella is seeing her husband and will be ready to deal with her should she dare to go the whole hug.

But is that all to this new twist?


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