1plusEvery day, we are inundated with images of slender actresses and models in the media.

Yet, with the average dress size of women growing larger every year, HVP showcases some incredibly gorgeous actresses with more “real-life” figures.

Each of these actresses is curvy, voluptuous, and wears a size 12 or larger, and each one is guaranteed to get your heart racing just as much (or more!) as their slim counterparts.

They inspire us to look and feel “sexy at any size.”

Chioma Toplis

Chioma Toplis is one of Nollywood’s blunt personalities who has been well endowed in all things. The 5 foot 4 actress agreed recently that she has gained some “weight and her tummy is getting bigger.”

An unconfirmed source says she weighs 255 pounds(18st 31b) and at that weight she should definitely be thinking about a healthier diet.

Though Toplis once confirmed that she engages in a lot of exercises to keep fit, such exercises however have not impacted on her large size. The screen diva who loves flaunting her cleavages is still adding some weight and looking plump at all times.

One wonders if she’s on diet, and if she’s not, then, the actress is playing safe to avoid suffering any complication, as it has been proven medically that dieting increases risk of colorectal cancer in women. May be, Toplis is not ready to put her life on the line. Nevertheless, caution is the word, if she must remain attractive and beautiful ever.

Adaora Ukoh

For sexy actress, Adaora Ukoh, ‘size is a plus.’She is always a huge sight to behold each time she’s seen in the company of her friends. At her size, people will have cause to notice her but she believes she is okay with her size. She’s famous for her “curvy” body and coining the term “bootylicious.”

Following her believe in her size, Adaora recent launched a clothing line called ‘ÄDAORA’, which according to sources, is meant to celebrate the plus-size babes; those she refers to as the “true curves of African woman.” She also believes that every woman is beautiful. To her, beauty comes from within. And size is not a barrier to her attending greatness in life. Adaora sometimes embark on exercises as well as visit gyms at her leisure time, all in the bid to down her size.

Foluka Daramola

Foluke Daramola is no doubt one of the most outstanding Yoruba actresses when it comes to role interpretation, but one thing she needs to work on is her weight, which many of her fans have been complaining about. Of recent, the producer of ‘Wakati Eda’ is looking overweight, suggesting that she is paying minimal attention to her size.

Perhaps, she is yet to see the by CouponDropDown”>lifestyle benefits of controlling her weight, rather than just focusing solely on body shape. Despite her size, Foluke is sexy and represents an image of a woman with a strong, fit and toned body. She believers that “you can be beautiful and sexy outside the narrow interpretations that normally define us as human beings.”

Ifeoma Okeke

Sexy and daring, actress Ifeoma Okeke is giving fastness a new meaning. Despite her huge size, Ifeoma believes she’s trendy and hot.

Hitting stardom few years ago, the ‘Ëvil Genius’ star has continued to grow bigger and bigger in size and she’s not troubled. In fact, in one of her interviews, she stated that she never felt inferior and will never do so, given her size.

Interestingly, she carries herself like a mother elephant. Friends, say the actress is likely to weigh up to 213 pounds (15st 31b), and need to start watching her weight.

It is not clear however whether she ‘s on diet or not, but the fact remains that the Anambra State born actress is comfortable with her big size, and more so, her boy friend is not complaining.

Eniola Badmus

Plus size actress,Eniola Badmus may weigh a staggering 350 pounds(17st 121b), but she’s not complaining. The Yoruba actress, who is popularly known as Gbogbo Big Girlz in Ömo Ghetto” has always been on the heavy side. Friends say her weight is getting out of hand in recent times and she needs to check it.

Like many people, Badmus sees weight as merely a cosmetic issue. Of course, we all want to look and feel better about our bodies. But actually the health implications of being too heavy are staggering. A medical study discovered that being obese can take up to eight years off your life. But in all of these, Badmus may not want to lose the weight that made her so famous in the industry.



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