20Veteran actress and ageless screen mother, Bukky Zainab Ajayi, no doubt, has come of age in the make-believe industry. Her versatility and experience sure placed her above her contemporaries. Having started as a TV person before she eventually took it as a career, the journey for her has been one smooth sailing one. But having acted in numerous films, locally and internationally, this film enigma, Bukky said she is still not satisfied with the quality of films Nollywood shuns out.

“A lot of people could come into the industry without any knowledge. Those are the people who rush in and rush out. When you sit down to think of what these people are getting, I will tell you that they are not getting anything. But the fact that they are in the industry is enough for them.

They are there because of the name. Those are the people you see in hotels as prostitutes. For God’s sake, why can’t we weed the good from the bad? I know it is three things: the good, the bad and the ugly. But we can sanitize the industry, and it should start from the scripts. Someone brought a script to me some time ago. After reading the script, I rejected it, but the person did not know why I did so till today, ’’ she enthused.

When asked where she sees Nollywood in the next couple of years, the mother and living legend of our time said “It is going to be greater than this because I believe the next generation will see what we are saying now and say, ‘Enough is enough’. That is the revolution that will happen in the industry.’’


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