Greatly endowed movie star Mercy Johnson ranks as the actress with the highest number of fans all over and this is on account of her powerful delivery of movie roles and her drop dead gorgeous physique.

Mercy who started not quite long ago stole the heart of movie lovers shortly after her debut,and has since then remained the favorite of all movie lovers all over the world, hence her face always graces the cover of most sold-out movies.

Mercy’s marriage to Prince Odianosen Okojie has made her one of the most controversial actresses in Nollywood. The melodrama that tried the couple’s coming together as man and wife was unimaginable.

Recall that just as everything was going according to plans and preparations in top gear for her wedding, then the bubble burst, Odi Okojie’s wife, Lovelyn, based in Canada surfaced with their two children and everywhere was super charged.

Mercy and Odi not bothered by this went ahead and got married on Saturday,August 27,2011. Months after her controversial marriage, controversies have continued to trail the talented thespian.

Weeks back, news broke that the actress was being put under pressure by families of her husband, Prince Odi Okojie to conceive and has generated various reactions. But with the latest development, it seems God has finally answered her prayers.

A picture they say speaks louder than words so checkout the pictures below to draw your conclusions! Prince Odi Okojie’s Jnr is finally on the way… But that is if only it was real and not a scene shot in an upcoming movie featuring a pregnant Mercy Johnson.

Having said that however, we wish her the best and hopefully will hear the cry of a Price Od Jr soon.


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