86Pretty actress,Ireti Osayemi has come a long way in the industry.

This crossover actress is fast becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in recent times.

She is sexy, and her skills coupled with her level of exposure, usually make movie producers to feature her in their works.

In a recent interview,the talented thespian who is married to ace movie maker/ director, Bakky Adeoye,opens up on her humble background and how she fell in love and eventually marry Bakky.

We used to live in Liberia and had to come back to Nigeria during the Civil War in that country.You can imagine both parents living in Liberia with all their investments there.

We came to Nigeria empty handed having lost everything to the war.The only thing we had with us when we landed in Nigeria was the Red Cross blanket.

You can imagine,we had to start all over again,but it didn’t last for so long.

My Dad eventually got a job.My elder brother was into stage performance and he told me one evening that since I love actors and actresses,he knows where I could meet them.So he took me to Winnies in Surulere,and I was so happy that I was seeing everyone of them on a platter of Gold.

Normally when one had not met them you just assume they are ghosts,angels or people you don’t get to see on a normal day.

Then one day a Production Manager was passing and asked me if I am an actress and I said no.He told me he was looking for a girl like me who could act and I told him I wouldn’t mind being an actress and that was how I got my first job.

That was in 1999 and the movie is titled Cassanova.

I continued with the English movies until I met my husband.

He was more into Yoruba movies and Soap Opera.I got more jobs in the Yoruba movies

When asked,when did you meet,fall in love and eventually marry Bakky;she said The first time I met him he was more of a God-sent helper that day.

I was stranded right in front of his guest house and couldn’t get transportation out of the area.He was like Hey ! Where are you going and I told him I want to get out of this area.So he was like,okay no problem let me help you.

Lo and behold he dropped me right in front of my house and we became friends.

Then we became lovers and today we are husband and wife.

He came into my life at the right time,he came in almost immediately after I lost my dad,so I I see him as a father figure.

Initially,I used to tell him that I love him as much as I love my father,but as time goes on I found out I love him more than I used to love my father.

He is a wonderful man.He gives out a helping hand and tells me what to do when I am confused.

He is very concerned about me,my career and every step I take in life.He is part of every minute of my life and there is nothing going on in my life that he doesn’t know.He is just a part of my life.


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