chika ikeIt’s no longer news that, Chika Ike, the Nollywood actress has received a whopping amount of N5m to shave off her hair for a movie she is presently working on. Today, the queen of beauty, Chika, has finally shaven the hair to her skin. Tell me who won’t do this for even half of that amount?

Well, she is not the first to have taken such a bold step, the likes of Oge Okoye, Halima Abubakar, Uche Jombo, Oby Edozien etc, have all gone through the process of shaving their hair in a movie for a certain amount of money but I think Chika’s amount cannot be contested since she is the first-ever Nollywood diva to declare amount received as compensation.

The movie is called Moments of Tears, directed by Obinna Ukaeze and produced by Jusmac. First Movies International is the executive producer. Last year first movies paid Chika a huge sum of money to shoot a movie called the Blind where she had gushy makeup. Now this year he paid Chika again N5m to cut her hair in this upcoming one.

He also did a sculpture of Olu Jacobs, all this and many more are scenes to be seen in the movie when it’s eventually released. You may wonder what the producer has seen in the talented actress to be using her for such big tasks, we learnt, he said he has found Chika Ike’s acting prowess unalloyed and he’s ready to pay whatever it takes to feature her.



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