16Over time, many Nigerian gospel artistes have devised means of delving into secular music or feature secular artistes in their songs in order to survive in the business.

The likes of Kenny Saint Best (featured Terry G, Dagrin, others in her songs), Lara George featured Lord of Ajasa), Kefee (Timaya) and others are examples of gospel singers that have dragged secular artistes in their various songs in a bid to make commercial success.

Most of these gospel artistes use this strategy to sell their songs to a larger fan base which comprises the youth. At most churches they perform at, they either not get paid or get a paltry amount of money as honorarium, which most times goes as transportation fare.

As a way of staying in business and pay their bills, they go secular where they have hope of getting good paid shows from show promoters as against the ‘you are working for God’ reward they get from churches and pastors.

Lamenting on how the gospel music business is getting less lucrative these days, ‘Kabiosi’ crooner, which he sang with Midnight Crew, Psalm Ebube told Nollywood.codewit.com that Nigerian pastors are to be blamed for it.

He confessed that Nigeria gospel singers get well paid outside Nigeria but wondered why Nigerian pastors in the country are killing gospel music.

“It is about orientation for our pastors, they should learn to appreciate the gospel ministers. If they want to invite an international artiste, they pay them a lot. They have a lot to do in helping gospel music to stand [in Nigeria],” Ebube told Nigeriafilms.com.

When asked if it would be right to say Nigerian pastors are responsible for killing gospel music in Nigeria, Ebube said, “they are not killing it but somehow, they are killing it. So, they need to ginger us the more like the way we are being celebrated outside the country.”


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