onyeka-onwenuNigerian Music Legend, Onyeka Onwenu has officially endorsed current president, Goodluck Jonathan, in the upcoming Presidential Elections, in Nigeria. She does so by recording an inspiring track, titled “Run Goodluck Run” that all but hand picks Goodluck Jonathan as the next president.

Her website to promote the records and her campaign for Goodluck, along with a celebration of Nigeria at 50 is www.inspirationforchangeng.com.

In an official statement from the website, Onyeka Onwenu stated, “The Inspiration to record these three songs, “Change”, “How Wonderful”, and “Run Goodluck Run” came at a time when I was contemplating our National life at 50 – Our challenges, mistakes, failures, and yes triumphs. We have had a few of those. Indeed the fact that we are still together as country is a major triumph.

But the problems we face today are daunting. There is so much amiss in Nigeria, a country with so much potential. The issues are so enormous that it would be easy for some of us to give up.

I have come to the realization, like many that if we are to succeed as a Nation, there would have to be a major attitudinal change for both the leadership and the followership.

However, God in his usual way, has gone ahead of us. He has set the ball rolling, with a chain of events and circumstances that defy human calculations.

I tapped into that creative energy to write these songs. The music and lyrics came of their own accord, with their own message. I have decided to share these songs with you. May they speak to you as they did to me.

May God’s love and favor continue to reign our country, Nigeria.”

Check out the track “Run Goodluck Run” and “Change”

*** Run Goodluck Run***

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