In the past, some celebrities have left the profession that got them fame and go into other professions they have conviction to do so as to better the society.

Examples Pat Attah who left the music scene to become a Pastor; Pat Attah, Kanayo O Kanayo who became a politician; RMD also in the line of Kanayo, etc.

But can you figure out Omotola being a police officer? This warning by Omo T, as she is also called should not be taken lightly as she wants to take the Police force to the next level to make better and you bet she is all set.

She has also sounded a note of warning to those who will not want to take her serious. She has warned, GET BUSY or Get Arrested.

Just for the records, the above picture is from Omotola’s new video shoot of her song ‘Get Busy’, from her upcoming album.


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