omo2Omotola is one person who is a go-getter. She’s a fulfilled actress, musician, mother of four lovely children and wife to a man she fondly calls ‘honeyboy’.

The outgone year was a very good one for the sexy actress as 2011 saw her busy taking part in 5 major movie projects-2 at the beginning of the year and 3 towards the last months. She also clinched a few deals, one of which is becoming an Ambassador for Amnesty International.

In a recent interview, the talented actress opens up on how she cope with success, her winning ways, and other issues:

The truth of the matter is that I really don’t make much of it. All I do is to live with it day-by-day. I am aware of it. And I am aware of the responsibility that comes with it. But nothing that I can’t handle. I have been quite lucky. I am careful with the responsibility that comes with it.

But personally as Omotola, I am not someone who is too inclined to pleasing people.

I live my own life. I believe in my convictions. And I believe in what I believe in. And in the long run they always vindicate me. I don’t live my life to please anybody, this is me. My favorite saying is that what you see is what you get. I will never say anything behind you that I cannot say in front of you. That is it for me, really.

Asked, from time to time, we get to read that Omotola and this actress don’t get along. How do you cope with all these rivalry within the industry; I find it very funny so much so that I laugh at it. I understand it.

Its never going to go away, people comparing one actress to another. The length to which people take it is what I find hilarious. It is natural.

In life, people have people they get along with. You may just not get along with your contemporaries. Its the fact of life.

Personally, I am not very close to so many people not because of work or rivalry, but because I am just removed from the everyday life they live.

Number one, I live far away. Number two, I didn’t grow up making friends with everybody around me. You have to understand my upbringing for you to understand my life.

I am not that much of a social being. I am boring. I am not a girls girl. I am not a party party person.
I am not the kind of girl you will call and say oh, there is this new dress, there is this shoe. I usually don’t have those kinds of conversations, really I talk properties. So, when someone is talking about this new Channel Bag, I am thinking about this property I saw somewhere that I want to buy.

So how do we really want to relate, so, there are so many differences. Otherwise, when we see we have a ball.

Omotola does not have the time to start beefing someone who is my colleague about whether she is better than me or I am better than her. I don’t engage in those issues.

I don’t have best friends. I just have people I like in the industry and who I can say I know. When I am on set I get along with everybody. I am a very chatty person.

Competition in the movie industry it’s a good thing. I love competition. But I only like it when its healthy, when it becomes unhealthy, then I really start to detest it, I loathe it and I run away from it.

I like competition because it allows you grow. Imagine if it was only Omotola that was acting, really, it will be boring. There is the need for a new blood here and there, a new person to jab you here and there. If its healthy, its actually wonderful and it helps everybody to be better. Anybody who does not like competition is evil. Competition when it is healthy creates better service.


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