After lots of anxious wait and publicity, the countdown to the ‘Okyeame Kwame Versatile Show’ has finally begun as the reality series that comes with the Album launch cum staged event hit the TV screens.

Dubbed the “The Versatile Show Countdown”, it gets to throw light on preparations toward the show right from audition, rehearsals to the main event on December 14, 2012. The Countdown will showcase the fun times during rehearsals, stressful times and emotional moments when O.K can’t carry on but must dance his way through.

In the very first episode which aired on Gh One, Okyeame Kwame was on to warm viewers and fans alike about what to expect with the reality series. The 21-minutes reality show shot at the Oak Plaza in Accra segmented the maiden episode into Okyeame Kwame yesterday, now, and in the future.

The first episode caught the CEO of Roverman Productions; James Ebo Whyte affectionately called Uncle Ebo Whyte, who is handling the Theatre aspect of the event.

For someone so enthused about helping to give the creative industry of arts a facelift, Uncle James told of his willingness to join the train upon hearing what it was all about.

One person beside herself with joy was the Production Executive of Roverman Productions, Effie Nkrumah. Although elated she keep her cards to her chest by saying to the cameras to expect a big surprise from O.K on the event night. She said it will leave patrons with memories to cherish for a long time to come.

“I like his passion and commitment to his art and his craft. I like the fact that he was committed to self-improvement, the fact that he always want to challenge his comfort zone and to push his boundaries as far back as he could”, was how Uncle Ebo Whyte’s described Okyeame Kwame.

Uncle Ebo Whyte, Okyeame Kwame revealed, The Roverman Theatre Group’s contribution to the show is free of any charges which motivates him to give out his best.

Apart from Theatre, organizers also told viewers on the show, the School of Performing Arts will be giving classic contemporary dances on the event night. This, they said, won’t leave out street dancers which also include acrobats, stunt men (fireworks) and skaters all on one stage.

“What has kept me in this game for 15 years is God,” Okyeame Kwame intimated on TV when it was his time to feature. The maiden episode had O.K talk about his current status in his musical career. To him, the journey has not been easy but one with lots of ups and downs.

“As a poet you are a vessel of words that the people must hear and God chooses people to do His work. So I believe that my work is not done and that is why I am still relevant” is what he says he believe is the reason why he is still in the “game”.

The Rap Doctor who associates his success to his fans support took time to thank all for being the reasons why he is still in the industry. Behind the music, however, O.K is “a very competitive, knowledgeable, strong, focused entertainer and rapper who is taking the bull by the horns and wrestling it hard to succeed” he said.

O.K’s inspiration comes from his parents, classrooms, what happens on the streets and the fact that God gives him the ability to “say things to put His people at rest”.

Other artistes who have also shaped his thoughts, he said, includes Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Steve Wonder, Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede, Rex Omar, Nana Ampedu, AB Crentsil, Reggie Rockstone, and many more artistes that he find intelligent, interesting and musically sarvvy.

To complete the episode, Okyeame Kwame highlighted on his musical journey right from the group Akyeame, their separation through to his solo career. He stated that he started rapping in 1991 with co-artiste Okyeame Quophi. Akyeame came out with their first album, “Nyansapo” in 1997 when other hiplife artistes making waves then were the likes of Nananom, Reggie Rockstone, and Ex-doe.

Two years and two albums after their first album, Akyeame sojourned in the United States of America for three years. Whilst there, O.K admitted he did several jobs to survive including selling oranges.

What led to the separation, Okyeame Kwame revealed stemmed from the differences of interest which was far from the groups’ aspirations and larger interests were. While Okyeame Kwame would stop at nothing to perform at shows, Okyeame Quophi had gained interest in making beats in the studio after the two returned from the United States of America.

The idea of the Versatile Show, O.K said came to him some seven years ago when he started nurturing the urge that he would organize his own shows. Bringing theatre, dance and music together, he remarked contributed immensely to Broadway and the achievements of rap will be undeniable.

The Okyeame Kwame Versatile Show Countdown reality series airs on Gh One at 3pm on Sundays.


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