Happy Independence Day to Nigeria! In honor of the West African country’s 52 years in the nation biz, we’ve put together a tribute to another industry its people have excelled at: movies! Among the world’s top three movie industries, Nollywood is more productive than Hollywood (less still than Bollywood), and almost as lucrative as both.

Though no one would praise the quality of the country’s cinematic output per se , Nigeria’s no-frills filmmaking style has its own charm. Today, we’ve rounded up a selection of the actors, actresses, directors, and films that rule this scrappy roost, into one handy slideshow.

To make things even handier, we’ve matched each entry with its Hollywood analog. If Nollywood’s guerrilla philosophy harkens to a Hollywood of old, think of this as a glimpse into Nollywood’s future. Which high-chemistry onscreen Nollywood couple will eventually become Brangelina? Which actor pulls off comedy and gravity a la Adam Sandler? Which endorsed product is headed to Proactiv-style ubiquity?


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