Brandiny(Codewit Nollywood)In Abuja, the Dance234 audition was hot, in Enugu it was explosive, in Benin it was mind blowing and as many are wondering what more is to come, Lagos picks up the baton for the Dance234 audition, which is to begins on June 25, 26 and 27 at KOGA Entertainment, Bolaji Close, Oregun, Lagos.

Dance234 is a dance reality show from KOGA entertainment a foremost entertainment out fit in Nigeria poised to discover dancers in their purest form, help them unleash the professional dancer in them and give them a platform to be known for their skills.

The experienced team of the Dance234 judges that consist of Brandiny of ‘The Mask’ dance team and Preere Yibowei a Nigerian dance instructor express excitement at the success they have achieved so far in the auditions.  

Speaking on the auditions, Brandiny, one of the judges said ‘personally I am encouraged not only by the success of the auditions so far, but because the passion and zeal I see in those who participated in the auditions tells me that dance in Nigeria  in a number of years is definitely going to be a really big thing. I am so glad I was a part of this show because it has really opened me up to another of Nigeria’s untapped resources, which is Dance.

Preere YIbowei on her part said ‘I hope not to sound sentimental but I am particularly looking forward to the Lagos audition. This is because I believe Lagos is the headquarter of entertainment in Nigeria, so I am expecting a lot from Lagos’.

The Dance234 Lagos audition will mark the end of all the auditions. After which, twenty finalists consisting of an equal mix of boys and girls will be selected to battle it out on the KOGA stage in Lagos for the grand price of a car, N1, 000, 000 (one million naira), and a dance course abroad


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