elvis_chuksWe’ve had the cases of rape, domestic violence but it seems nobody is talking about abuse against children who turn out to be leader of tomorrow.
That is one thing Elvis Chucks, actor and FILM MAKER is taking up as his next challenge. Elvis who became popular with his roles in numerous Nollywood flicks and soap opera, Super Story has produced a movie to address the ills of abuse in our society. The movie aptly titled, Victims of the Society addresses the issue of abuse against children.
This movie is intended to educate people on  the ills that the children and the society face when such things like child neglect, child abuse and infringement upon the rights of children, educationally and socially, continue, of which these acts are still in practice even till date. You can see these happening mostly in our modern day African countries, and of course, other continents of the world, especially with the black children, who are the future hope of this great continent of Africa.
These children are exposed to so much hardship and desperation knowingly or unknowingly by their parents as a result of poverty and strive for better tomorrow. Now put them through the risks of their lives at a tender age, exposing them to violence that create a bad
future and insecurity as they become VICTIMS OF THE SOCIETY.   Young girls may resolve to other means of getting money: prostitution mostly, which could lead to unwanted pregnancies and contacting of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS.

We intend to encourage parents to try their best to ensure the safety of their children with this movie, and for them to learn how to give a better life to their children, irrespective of their financial status. Be that as it may, we are in the process of premiering this movie, VICTIMS OF THE SOCIETY, in various countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.
The movie which was shot in Lagos stars Joke Silva, Patience Ozonkwo, internal actress,  Xolile Tshabala (best actress JACOB CROSS ,GENERATION S, and CSI MIAMI), Alex Osifo, Daddy Fresh, Cossy Orjiakor and others.
The movie shot in NIGERIA and SOUTH AFRICA. The movie will be premiered on,  November 20, UNIVERSAL CHILDREN S DAY IN LAGOS AND 25THOF NOVEMBER.
It will also premiere on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (International) IN ABUJA and 10TH DECEMBER Human Rights Day (International)

According to Chucks, the movie is needed to address the issues affecting our future. ‘Children are the leaders of tomorrow, what we
put into them is what we get from the. We need to be careful how we treat them; most adults misbehaving today are products of yesterday’s
abuse. So, if we don’t  want a damaged tomorrow, let’s not damage the leaders of tomorrow.

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