21While in London, one of my friends whom I hold in high esteem came for my birthday celebration and told me about one of her clients that is still single who would like to meet me. She knows him well as he has been a long standing client of hers. She is the owner of Giselle Home Ltd, a real estate outfit with it’s main office in Lekki, Lagos.

Initially, I told her I was not interested in meeting anybody, but she insisted and told me this guy was a good person but that it will be nice for me to speak with him and know if he is my kind of person. She went further to say that he’s a kind, selfless God fearing man, and being that she’s someone I trust her judgment of people I agreed for him to call me, from there we got talking and the rest is history,” Uche said in an interview.

The couple, having joined together as husband and wife, have started displayed their affection for each other as they were both said to have decided to embark on a blooming honeymoon together.

While thanking God for providing her with her divine husband, Uche seized the opportunity to display how happy she was on her special day. “Honestly, I can’t thank God enough because he’s given me my friend, husband, brother, everything that I’ve ever asked for in a man and more.

I’m the happiest girl. Today is the day the Lord has made and I shall be glad in it. I feel so blessed and loved because this is every truthful woman’s dream. I’m sure many people didn’t see this coming, but I know my God cannot lie to me. Because if there’s a man to pray, there’s a God to answer. I’ve always prayed to God for my divine destiny husband, and today, he’s proven to me again that he’s not the God that lies.”


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