Popular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele a.k.a. Jenifa has joined the league of renowned humanitarians, who are passionate about total eradication of childhood polio in the world. Funke who was full of joy recently when she was appointed as an ambassador to participate in Rotary’s ‘This Close’, a public awareness campaign for polio eradication, is happy for being part of the team. We leant she will be unveiled to the media on Tuesday 24th October 2013 as part of the activities lined up to mark the world polio day.


The chairman of Microsoft, Mr. Bill Gate who launched Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has dedicated most of his time for this great cause, we learnt, is happy about the charitable disposition of people who are committed to improving the lives of other people as Funke has well displayed. In the “This Close” campaign, she will raise her thumb and fore finger in the ad tagline “We’re this close to ending polio”


Rotary has formed an alliance with the likes of Bill Gates, Nobel Peace laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, action movie star Jackie Chan and Pop star PSY to fight the childhood polio surge.


Funke said in her statement, “I feel so honored to be part of a charitable cause like this. I accepted this appointment because polio kills or paralyzes children and Rotary is committed to ending this terrible disease worldwide. I also learned that the world has never been so close to eradication of polio since the mid 80’s thanks to the vigorous efforts of Rotary International and its partners.”


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